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A087764 Primes whose reversal is a multiple of 13. 10


%S 19,31,269,281,397,401,457,463,523,773,827,1063,1117,1123,1367,1373,

%T 1427,1433,1489,1549,1609,1621,1871,1931,1987,1993,2027,2089,2161,

%U 2221,2399,2459,2531,2593,2647,2707,2713

%N Primes whose reversal is a multiple of 13.

%C There are no primes (besides 11) whose reversal is a multiple of 11.

%H Robert Israel, <a href="/A087764/b087764.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..10000</a>

%p digrev:= proc(n) local L, i;

%p L:= convert(n,base,10);

%p add(L[-i]*10^(i-1), i=1..nops(L))

%p end proc:

%p B:= map(digrev, {seq(i,i=13..10000,13)}):

%p sort(convert(select(isprime, B),list)); # _Robert Israel_, Oct 23 2019

%o (PARI) forprime(n=2, 3000, if(fromdigits(Vecrev(digits(n)))%13==0, print1(n, ", "))) \\ _Mohammed Yaseen_, Jul 19 2022

%Y Primes whose reversal is a multiple of k: A087762 (k=7), this sequence (k=13), A087765 (k=17), A087766 (k=19), A087767 (k=23).

%K easy,nonn,base

%O 1,1

%A _Zak Seidov_, Oct 03 2003

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