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A046043 Autobiographical numbers (or curious numbers): list of numbers m = x_0 x_1 x_2 ... x_{b-1} (written in base b) such that x_i is the number of "digits" in m that are equal to i, for all i=0,...,b-1. 10
1210, 2020, 21200, 3211000, 42101000, 521001000, 6210001000 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Note that the base b is the total number of "digits" in m. Since the numbers are written without spaces between the digits x_i, we must take b <= 10.

There are no such numbers for b<=3 or b=6, two such numbers for b=4, and exactly one such number for b=5 and each b>=7. - David Callan, Feb 17 2017

The proof of completeness is based on: x_0 > 0; x_i > 2 only if i = 0; for i > 2, x_i = 1 if i = x_0, x_i = 0 otherwise.

Enumerated by David Castro (david_castro(AT)retek.com).


E. Angelini, "Jeux de suites", in Dossier Pour La Science, pp. 32-35, Volume 59 (Jeux math'), April/June 2008, Paris.

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Tanya Khovanova, A Story of Storytelling Numbers, Math. Horizons, Sep 2009, 14-17.


Table of n, a(n) for n=1..7.

Fred Gavin, Letters to the editor, Math. Mag 66 (4) (1993) p 276.

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K. Uhland, The Ten-Digit Number [Broken link?]


m = 1210 is written in base 4 (since it has 4 digits), and has one 0, two 1's, one 2 and zero 3's and m = "one two one zero".


isSelfDescribing[n_Integer] := (RotateRight[DigitCount[n]] == PadRight[IntegerDigits[n], 10]); Select[Range[10^10 - 1], isSelfDescribing] (* Martin Ettl, Oct 09 2012 *) (* Warning: This program causes Mathematica to crash! - David Callan, Feb 17 2017 *)


Cf. A138480 (another version).

Compare with the "Look-and-Say" version A047841.

Sequence in context: A187862 A186864 A135239 * A138480 A047627 A252213

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Robert Leduc (leduc(AT)macalester.edu)


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