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A006721 Somos-5 sequence: a(n) = (a(n-1) * a(n-4) + a(n-2) * a(n-3)) / a(n-5), with a(0) = a(1) = a(2) = a(3) = a(4) = 1.
(Formerly M0735)

%I M0735

%S 1,1,1,1,1,2,3,5,11,37,83,274,1217,6161,22833,165713,1249441,9434290,

%T 68570323,1013908933,11548470571,142844426789,2279343327171,

%U 57760865728994,979023970244321,23510036246274433,771025645214210753

%N Somos-5 sequence: a(n) = (a(n-1) * a(n-4) + a(n-2) * a(n-3)) / a(n-5), with a(0) = a(1) = a(2) = a(3) = a(4) = 1.

%C Using the addition formula for the Weierstrass sigma function it is simple to prove that the subsequence of even terms of a Somos-5 type sequence satisfy a 4th order recurrence of Somos-4 type and similarly the odd subsequence satisfies the same 4th order recurrence. - _Andrew Hone_, Aug 24 2004

%C log(a(n)) ~ 0.071626946 * n^2. (Hone)

%C The Brown link article gives interesting information about related sequences including recurrences and numerical approximations.

%C The n-th term is a divisor of the (n+k*(2*n-4))-th term for all integers n and k. - _Peter H van der Kamp_, May 18 2015

%D N. J. A. Sloane and Simon Plouffe, The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, Academic Press, 1995 (includes this sequence).

%H T. D. Noe, <a href="/A006721/b006721.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n=0..100</a>

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%H Bryant Davis, Rebecca Kotsonis, Jeremy Rouse, <a href="http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.05896">The density of primes dividing a term in the Somos-5 sequence</a>, arXiv:1507.05896 [math.NT], 2015.

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%H J. Propp, <a href="http://faculty.uml.edu/jpropp/reach/shirt.html">The 2002 REACH tee-shirt</a>

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%H <a href="/index/Tu#2wis">Index entries for two-way infinite sequences</a>

%F Comments from _Andrew Hone_, Aug 24 2004: "Both the even terms b(n)=a(2n) and odd terms b(n)=a(2n+1) satisfy the fourth order recurrence b(n)=(b(n-1)*b(n-3)+8*b(n-2)^2)/b(n-4).

%F "Hence the general formula is a(2n)=A*B^n*sigma(c+n*k)/sigma(k)^(n^2), a(2n+1)=D*E^n*sigma(f+n*k)/sigma(k)^(n^2) where sigma is the Weierstrass sigma function associated to the elliptic curve y^2=4*x^3-(121/12)*x+845/216 (this is birationally equivalent to the minimal model V^2+U*V+6*V=U^3+7*U^2+12*U given by van der Poorten).

%F "The real/imaginary half-periods of the curve are w1=1.181965956, w3=0.973928783*I and the constants are A=0.142427718-1.037985022*I, B=0.341936209+0.389300717*I, c=0.163392411+w3, k=1.018573545, D=-0.363554228-0.803200610*I, E=0.644801269+0.734118205*I, f=c+k/2-w1 all to 9 decimal places."

%F a(4 - n) = a(n). a(n+2) * a(n-2) = 2 * a(n+1) * a(n-1) - a(n)^2 if n is even. a(n+2) * a(n-2) = 3 * a(n+1) * a(n-1) - a(n)^2 if n is odd.

%p for n from 0 to 4 do a[n]:= 1 od:

%p for n from 5 to 50 do a[n]:=(a[n-1] * a[n-4] + a[n-2] * a[n-3]) / a[n-5] od:

%p seq(a[i],i=0..50); # _Robert Israel_, May 19 2015

%t a[0] = a[1] = a[2] = a[3] = a[4] = 1; a[n_] := a[n] = (a[n - 1] a[n - 4] + a[n - 2] a[n - 3])/a[n - 5]; Array[a, 27, 0] (* _Robert G. Wilson v_, Aug 15 2010 *)

%t a[ n_] := If[ Abs [n - 2] < 3, 1, If[ n < 0, a[4 - n], a[n] = (a[n - 1] a[n - 4] + a[n - 2] a[n - 3]) / a[n - 5]]] (* _Michael Somos_, Jul 15 2011 *)

%t RecurrenceTable[{a[0]==a[1]==a[2]==a[3]==a[4]==1,a[n]==(a[n-1]a[n-4]+ a[n-2]a[n-3])/a[n-5]},a,{n,30}] (* _Harvey P. Dale_, Dec 25 2011 *)

%o (PARI) {a(n) = if( abs(n-2) < 3, 1, if( n<0, a(4-n), (a(n-1) * a(n-4) + a(n-2) * a(n-3)) / a(n-5)))}; /* _Michael Somos_, Jul 15 2011 */

%o (Haskell)

%o a006721 n = a006721_list !! n

%o a006721_list = [1,1,1,1,1] ++

%o zipWith div (foldr1 (zipWith (+)) (map b [1..2])) a006721_list

%o where b i = zipWith (*) (drop i a006721_list) (drop (5-i) a006721_list)

%o -- _Reinhard Zumkeller_, Jan 22 2012

%o (Python)

%o from gmpy2 import divexact

%o A006721 = [1,1,1,1,1]

%o for n in range(5,1001):

%o ....A006721.append(divexact(A006721[n-1]*A006721[n-4]+A006721[n-2]*A006721[n-3],A006721[n-5])) # _Chai Wah Wu_, Aug 15 2014

%o (MAGMA) I:=[1,1,1,1,1]; [n le 5 select I[n] else (Self(n-1) * Self(n-4) + Self(n-2) * Self(n-3)) div Self(n-5): n in [1..30]]; // _Vincenzo Librandi_, May 18 2015

%Y Cf. A006720, A006722, A006723, A048736.

%K easy,nonn,nice

%O 0,6

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

%E a(26)-a(27) from _Robert G. Wilson v_, Aug 15 2010

%E Definition corrected by _Chai Wah Wu_, Aug 15 2014

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