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A005366 Hoggatt sequence.
(Formerly M2006)

%I M2006

%S 1,2,11,92,1157,19142,403691,10312304,311348897,10826298914,

%T 426196716090,18700516849302,903666922873158,47592378143008974,

%U 2708388575679431454,165309083872549538190,10753269337589887334670,741379205762167719365268

%N Hoggatt sequence.

%D D. C. Fielder and C. O. Alford, ``An investigation of sequences derived from Hoggatt sums and Hoggatt triangles,'' in G. E. Bergum et al., editors, Applications of Fibonacci Numbers: Proc. Third Internat. Conf. on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications, Pisa, Jul 25-29, 1988. Kluwer, Dordrecht, Vol. 3, 1990, pp. 77-88.

%D N. J. A. Sloane and Simon Plouffe, The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, Academic Press, 1995 (includes this sequence).

%H D. C. Fielder, <a href="/A005362/a005362.pdf">Letter to N. J. A. Sloane, Jun 1988</a>

%H D. C. Fielder & C. O. Alford, <a href="/A000108/a000108_19.pdf">An investigation of sequences derived from Hoggatt Sums and Hoggatt Triangles</a>, Application of Fibonacci Numbers, 3 (1990) 77-88. Proceedings of 'The Third Annual Conference on Fibonacci Numbers and Their Applications,' Pisa, Italy, July 25-29, 1988. (Annotated scanned copy)

%F a(n) = S(8,n) where S(d,n) is defined in A005364. - _Sean A. Irvine_, May 29 2016

%t A005366[n_]:=HypergeometricPFQ[{-7-n,-6-n,-5-n,-4-n,-3-n,-2-n,-1-n,-n},{2,3,4,5,6,7,8},1] (* Richard L. Ollerton (r.ollerton(AT)uws.edu.au), Sep 13 2006 *)

%Y Cf. A005364.

%K nonn

%O 0,2

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

%E More terms from _Sean A. Irvine_, May 29 2016

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