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A001379 Degrees of irreducible representations of Monster group M. 9
1, 196883, 21296876, 842609326, 18538750076, 19360062527, 293553734298, 3879214937598, 36173193327999, 125510727015275, 190292345709543, 222879856734249, 1044868466775133, 1109944460516150, 2374124840062976, 8980616927734375, 8980616927734375, 15178147608537368 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



The sequence contains 194 terms, of which 170 are distinct. The only triplet of repeated terms is a(123) = a(124) = a(125) = 5514132424881463208443904. The rest of the repeated terms are pairs, for example a(16) = a(17) = 8980616927734375. - Omar E. Pol, Nov 28 2014


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Eric M. Schmidt, Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..194 (complete sequence)

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(GAP) List(Irr(CharacterTable("M")), chi->chi[1]); # Eric M. Schmidt, Jul 15 2012


Cf. A003131, A002267, A051161.

Sequence in context: A024211 A204943 A113919 * A247242 A014708 A035230

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