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A001205 Number of clouds with n points; number of undirected 2-regular labeled graphs; or number of n X n symmetric matrices with (0,1) entries, trace 0 and all row sums 2.
(Formerly M2937 N1181)

%I M2937 N1181

%S 1,0,0,1,3,12,70,465,3507,30016,286884,3026655,34944085,438263364,

%T 5933502822,86248951243,1339751921865,22148051088480,388246725873208,

%U 7193423109763089,140462355821628771,2883013994348484940

%N Number of clouds with n points; number of undirected 2-regular labeled graphs; or number of n X n symmetric matrices with (0,1) entries, trace 0 and all row sums 2.

%C a(n) ~ n!*exp(-3/4)/sqrt(Pi*n).

%C a(n) is the number of ways of covering K_n with cycles of length >= 3. Also number of 'frames' on n lines: given n lines in general position (none parallel and no three concurrent), a frame is a subset of n of the e C(n,2) points of intersection such that no three points are on the same line. - _Mitch Harris_, Jul 06 2006

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%F E.g.f.: exp(-x/2-x^2/4)/sqrt(1-x).

%F D-finite with recurrence a(n+1) = n*(a(n)+a(n-2)*(n-1)/2).

%F 1/4^n * Sum_{b=0..floor(n/2)} Sum_{g=0..n-2*b} (-1)^(b+g) * 2^(2b+g) * n! * (2n-4b-2g)! / (b! * g! * (n-2b-g)!^2). - _Shanzhen Gao_, Jun 05 2009

%F a(n) = (-1)^n*n!*Sum_{k=0..n}(3/4)^k*binomial(-1/2, n - k)*hypergeom([1/2, -k], [1/2 - n + k], 1/3)/ k!. - _Peter Luschny_, Aug 26 2017

%p a := n -> (-1)^n*n!*add((3/4)^k*binomial(-1/2, n-k)*hypergeom([1/2,-k], [1/2-n+k], 1/3)/ k!, k=0..n): seq(simplify(a(n)), n=0..21); # _Peter Luschny_, Aug 26 2017

%t m = 21; CoefficientList[ Series[ Exp[-x/2 - x^2/4] / Sqrt[1-x], {x, 0, m}], x]*Table[n!, {n, 0, m}] (* _Jean-Fran├žois Alcover_, Jun 21 2011, after e.g.f. *)

%o (PARI) a(n)=if(n<0,0,n!*polcoeff(exp(-x/2-x^2/4+x*O(x^n))/sqrt(1-x+x*O(x^n)),n))

%o (Maxima)

%o a(n):=sum(sum(binomial(k,i)*binomial(i-1/2,n-k)*(3^(k-i)*n!)/(4^k*k!)*(-1)^(n-i),i,0,k),k,0,n);

%o makelist(a(n),n,0,12); /* _Emanuele Munarini_, Aug 25 2017 */

%Y Cf. A000985, A000986, A002137. A diagonal of A059441 and A144163.

%K nonn,easy,nice

%O 0,5

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

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