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(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)
A000798 Number of different quasi-orders (or topologies, or transitive digraphs) with n labeled elements.
(Formerly M3631 N1476)

%I M3631 N1476

%S 1,1,4,29,355,6942,209527,9535241,642779354,63260289423,8977053873043,

%T 1816846038736192,519355571065774021,207881393656668953041,

%U 115617051977054267807460,88736269118586244492485121,93411113411710039565210494095,134137950093337880672321868725846,261492535743634374805066126901117203

%N Number of different quasi-orders (or topologies, or transitive digraphs) with n labeled elements.

%C From _Altug Alkan_, Dec 18 2015: (Start)

%C a(p^k) == k+1 mod p for all primes p. This is proved by Kizmaz at On The Number Of Topologies On A Finite Set link. For proof see Theorem 2.4 in page 2 and 3. So a(19) == 2 mod 19.

%C a(p+n) == A265042(n) mod p for all primes p. This is also proved by Kizmaz at related link, see Theorem 2.7 in page 4. If n=2 and p=17, a(17+2) == A265042(2) mod 17, that is a(19) == 51 mod 17. So a(19) is divisible by 17.

%C In conclusion, a(19) is a number of the form 323*n - 17.

%C (End) [Edited by _Altug Alkan_, Feb 28 2017]

%C The BII-numbers of finite topologies without their empty set are given by A326876. - _Gus Wiseman_, Aug 01 2019

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%H <a href="/index/Cor#core">Index entries for "core" sequences</a>

%F Related to A001035 by a(n) = Sum Stirling2(n, k)*A001035(k).

%F E.g.f.: A(exp(x) - 1) where A(x) is the e.g.f. for A001035. - _Geoffrey Critzer_, Jul 28 2014

%e From _Gus Wiseman_, Aug 01 2019: (Start)

%e The a(3) = 29 topologies are the following (empty sets not shown):

%e {123} {1}{123} {1}{12}{123} {1}{2}{12}{123} {1}{2}{12}{13}{123}

%e {2}{123} {1}{13}{123} {1}{3}{13}{123} {1}{2}{12}{23}{123}

%e {3}{123} {1}{23}{123} {2}{3}{23}{123} {1}{3}{12}{13}{123}

%e {12}{123} {2}{12}{123} {1}{12}{13}{123} {1}{3}{13}{23}{123}

%e {13}{123} {2}{13}{123} {2}{12}{23}{123} {2}{3}{12}{23}{123}

%e {23}{123} {2}{23}{123} {3}{13}{23}{123} {2}{3}{13}{23}{123}

%e {3}{12}{123}

%e {3}{13}{123} {1}{2}{3}{12}{13}{23}{123}

%e {3}{23}{123}

%e (End)

%t Table[Length[Select[Subsets[Subsets[Range[n],{1,n}]],Union@@#==Range[n]&&SubsetQ[#,Union[Union@@@Tuples[#,2],DeleteCases[Intersection@@@Tuples[#,2],{}]]]&]],{n,0,3}] (* _Gus Wiseman_, Aug 01 2019 *)

%Y Row sums of A326882.

%Y Cf. A001035 (labeled posets), A001930 (unlabeled topologies), A000112 (unlabeled posets), A006057.

%Y Sequences in the Erné (1974) paper: A000798, A001035, A006056, A006057, A001929, A001927, A006058, A006059, A000110.

%Y Cf. A102894, A102895, A102897, A306445, A326866, A326876, A326878, A326881.

%K nonn,nice,core,hard

%O 0,3

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

%E Two more terms from Jobst Heitzig (heitzig(AT)math.uni-hannover.de), Jul 03 2000

%E a(17)-a(18) are from Brinkmann's and McKay's paper. - _Vladeta Jovovic_, Jun 10 2007

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