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Currently a undergrad Major in PHYSICS in JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY, KOLKATA, INDIA. I have been using OEIS since November, 2016. I have learnt Python from MIT Courseware available in Youtube, taught by Professor John Guttag and Professor Eric Grimson. I am recently following the MIT courseware for mathematics for Computer Science by Tom Leighton. I love numbers.

My hobbies include reading books, playing video games, listening to musics and deciphering ciphers(I have recently written a code to decipher the "Ubachi" coding system used by the germans in World War I, which is a double columnar transposition cipher, and submitted in codefights). I am an active member of codefights (try to face challenges posted everyday). Recently I have finished reading "Simpsons and its mathematical secrets" and "Fermat's Last Theorem" by Simon Singh (liked the idea of Taniyama-Shimura Conjecture), "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku, "Computing With Quantum Cats" by John Gribbin. Currently I am reading "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson and plan to read "Surely You are Joking" by my favorite figure in Physics: Richard Feynman. Feynman's Lectures on Computation will be my all time favorite.

I write codes mostly in Python, Mathematica, Pari and sometimes in C and Golang. My special interests: Special theory of relativity, Ladder operators, cryptography, discreet mathematics, etc.

My recent activities in OEIS:

To find more about my contibutions in OEIS:

I plan to submit and extend more sequences in the OEIS, in the near future.

Python Program to generate the Sierpinski's gasket