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A113601 Intersection of A002144 and A005098. 1


%S 13,37,73,97,193,277,373,409,433,577,673,709,853,997,1033,1093,1129,

%T 1297,1429,1453,1549,1597,1753,1777,2017,2029,2293,2437,2677,2713,

%U 2953,3037,3049,3109,3229,3457,3469,3637,3769,3793,3853,4057,4273,4297,4729

%N Intersection of A002144 and A005098.

%C Primes p of the form 4m+1 such that q=4p+1 is also prime. Corresponding values of m are: 3,9,18,24,48,69,93,102,108,144,168,177,213,249,258,273,282,324,357,363,387,399,438,444,504,507,573,609,669,678,738,759,762,777,807,864,867,909 - all multiples of 3. And corresponding values of q are: 53,149,293,389,773,1109,1493,1637,1733,2309,2693,2837,3413,3989,4133,4373,4517,5189,5717,5813,6197,6389,7013,7109,8069,8117,9173,9749,10709,10853,11813.

%Y Cf. A002144, A005098.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Zak Seidov_, May 27 2007

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