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A182369 Decimal expansion of (7^(e - 1/e) - 9)*Pi^2, also known as Jenny's constant. 3


%S 8,6,7,5,3,0,9,0,1,9,8,1,6,8,5,4,0,9,7,5,5,8,2,7,5,2,2,4,9,6,1,4,3,1,

%T 8,3,8,4,4,0,2,9,7,2,3,1,3,2,8,1,1,6,9,3,7,7,1,5,6,5,8,9,5,6,1,7,6,0,

%U 6,0,3,9,0,3,5,9,1,8,9,7,8,3,5,4,0,3,1,2,6,0,6,4,5,9,5,0,5,4,2,7,9,7,1,3,6,8,9,8

%N Decimal expansion of (7^(e - 1/e) - 9)*Pi^2, also known as Jenny's constant.

%C First few digits reproduce the digits of the phone number in the song "867-5309/Jenny" performed by Tommy Tutone.

%C The next digit is a 0, and the following 4 digits (1, 9, 8, 1) are the year the song was recorded (1981). (Noticed by Rob Johnson of the explainxkcd.com forums)

%H Ivan Panchenko, <a href="/A182369/b182369.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n = 3..1000</a>

%H Robert Munafo, <a href="http://www.mrob.com/pub/math/numbers-12.html#lb867_530">867.5309019816854...</a>

%H Randall Munroe, <a href="http://xkcd.com/1047/">xkcd: A Table of Slightly Wrong Equations and Identities Useful for Approximations and/or Trolling Teachers</a>

%H Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics, <a href="http://mathworld.wolfram.com/JennysConstant.html">Jenny's Constant</a>

%H explain xkcd (website with unknown owner), <a href="http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=1047:_Approximations">Explain xkcd: Approximations</a> (discussion forum)

%H Wikipedia, <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/867-5309/Jenny">867-5309/Jenny</a>

%F (7^(e - 1/e) - 9)*Pi^2.

%e 867.530901981685409755827522496143183844029723...

%t RealDigits[(7^(E-1/E)-9)Pi^2,10,120][[1]] (* _Harvey P. Dale_, Dec 31 2018 *)

%Y Cf. A104175.

%K cons,nonn

%O 3,1

%A _Eric W. Weisstein_, Apr 26 2012

%E Title edited by _Matthew Vandermast_, May 05 2012

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