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A075930 Positions of check bits in code in A075928. 55


%S 7,11,13,14,19,21,22,25,26,28,31,35,37,38,41,42,44,47,49,50,52,55,56,

%T 59,61,62,67,69,70,73,74,76,79,81,82,84,87,88,91,93,94,97,98,100,103,

%U 104,107,109,110,112,115,117,118,121,122

%N Positions of check bits in code in A075928.

%C This sequence can be constructed from A057716 (all natural numbers other than the powers of two) by prepending an inverted parity bit.

%D J. H. Conway and N. J. A. Sloane, Lexicographic codes: error-correcting codes from game theory, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 32:337-348, 1986.

%D R. W. Hamming, Error Detecting and Error Correcting Codes, Bell System Tech. J., Vol. 29, April, 1950, pp. 147-160.

%H Bob Jenkins, <a href="http://burtleburtle.net/bob/math/lexicode.html">Tables of Binary Lexicodes</a>

%H Ari Trachtenberg, <a href="http://ipsit.bu.edu/phdthesis_html/phdthesis_html.html">Error-Correcting Codes on Graphs: Lexicodes, Trellises and Factor Graphs</a>

%Y Cf. A075928, A075929, A057716, A075936.

%K nonn,easy

%O 0,1

%A Bob Jenkins (bob_jenkins(AT)burtleburtle.net)

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