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A014293 n^(n+1)-n+1. 6
1, 1, 7, 79, 1021, 15621, 279931, 5764795, 134217721, 3486784393, 99999999991, 3138428376711, 106993205379061, 3937376385699277, 155568095557812211, 6568408355712890611, 295147905179352825841, 14063084452067724990993 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)



Solution to the classical "Monkey and Coconut Problem" for n sailors.

Also called "Sailors and Monkey Problem": a(n) is smallest number such that can apply C -> (C-1)(1-1/n) n times and at every step have an integer C = 1 mod n.

The expression for a(n) is easily derived from the observation that had an extra n-1 coconuts been added to the original pile a(n), the monkey would have been doomed to a zero coconut tip all through, the successive heaps of leftovers then collapsing to an ordinary G.P. of common ratio (1 - 1/n). For a total number of (n+1) interventions, we thus have n^(n+1) dividing a(n) + (n - 1), whence the formula. - Lekraj Beedassy, Jun 04 2002


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K. Uhland, Marx Brothers, Four Years Later [Broken link?]

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E.g.f.: e^x(1-x) + T/(1-T)^3, where T=T(x) is Euler's tree function (see A000169). - Len Smiley Dec 10 2001


Table[n^(n+1)-n+1, {n, 0, 30}]  (* Harvey P. Dale, Mar 24 2011 *)


Sequence in context: A127890 A198973 A127859 * A176792 A186377 A112700

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Russ Cox


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