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Dear Wouter Meeussen,

in the comments of A046965, I read:

To illustrate: [3] = 3/1 -> 3; [3,7] = 22/7 -> 22; [3,7,15] = 333/106; 106 is even -> [3,7,16] = 355/113 -> 355; [3,7,15,1] = 355/113 -> 355 (ignore); [3,7,15,1,292] = 103993/33102 -> [3,7,15,1,293] = 104348/33215 -> 104348

I can not understand how you get the values "7,15,292, 293".

Can you explain it please?

Thank you very much

--Pierluigi Vellucci 10:31, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

Dear PierLuigi, the comment you refer to was not mine, but from Jonathan Cross. Please check the history of the sequence. It refers to the continued fraction of the successive convergents of Pi;




The link you had for this sequence is broken, and even when the file was available, I was unclear about exactly what you were saying the formula was, and how to read it from the data. Would it be possible for you to re-host the file and further explain your comment? I'm in the process of editing this entry to include a simple summation formula in terms of binomial coefficients.

~Kevin Dilks

Hello Kevin,

I will replace the original huge Excel file with a smaller one. It will contain only the data for partitions up to n=7. I've tried for a few hours to enter some Mathematica formulae and tables in this wiki format, but, alas, the Show Preview produces a unreadable mash. Tried to embed a pretty text file, but saw no embedding. Tried the "Ignore wiki formatting" button, but the mash remained. So, I'm left with appending a note to A180389 itself.

--Wouter Meeussen 11:18, 11 June 2015 (UTC)