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Bruno, would you like to choose the Sequence of the Day later this month? You can sign up at Template talk:Sequence of the Day#Future (next 2 months) OEIS Wiki contributors. Alonso del Arte 18:34, 17 October 2010 (UTC)

Wrong b-files?

Hi. You made some comments that something is wrong with the b-files in all my present drafts: (

What do you mean? Note that I changed some offsets from 1 to 0. In A198380 all entries are smaller by one now. (see User:Tilman Piesk/Lists with offset 0)

Greetings, Tilman Piesk 00:51, 27 January 2012 (UTC)


Hi. I noted that you published this sequence. Thank you for doing so, but also my correction to its lead (or main) sequence--A229056, still in edit unpublished--is being ignored by an editor who led me to find my program had a 1-character mis-transcription (His reason for not publishing was that the program I had in edit didn't work, whatever his stated objection to the program was).

Also, it may be my problem I did not actually review changes made by others to what you published (I don't know policy on review-time by author of accepted work) until some time had passed, noticing then that grand changes had been made. I re-instituted wording of my own as the lead sentence, without name attached for an obvious reason that I would have chosen not to re-write my work at all and that it is properly the lead sentence despite a dating jumble.

I would hope you can check that these 2 sequences in submission now by me are ready, one to be very slightly changed and the other to be finally accepted (slightly changed in program). I accept any re-spacing of my program if mine looks childish. I'm mostly a programming auto-didact, with one (two if a Matlab-using Numerical Analysis course is considered) course in the mid-90s (I've taken maths at graduate level and the full first sequence of actuarial exams (SOA--lapsed Associateship is status) in the past, though). And the wait for approval had me wondering upon return each day what is wrong and making little changes, the last being to space things in a way un-natural for me, thinking this is close to what some consider reader-friendly.James G. Merickel 21:15, 20 October 2013 (UTC)