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I´m a state-certified computer-scientist (ADV Böblingen, Germany), living in Tübingen. Since 1988 I earn my money with music. Since the year 2003 I´ve been dealing with the subject coinsidence, because it seems that in the last few years the coincidences are increasing in many areas, even in the OEIS (please look at the "Donald-Trump-Sequence": A140646 ).

For the past two years , I´ve been looking for sequences whose numbers are reflected in the world, like the fibonacci sequence. I would like to publish the most significant sequences in the OEIS.

my birthday: take the name of my sister: Roswitha --> "Ros" with "a"--> R=18, O=15, S=19 --> A181519: 1,3,5,19,62, ... --> 13.05.1962

Reference: internet: "Peter Weiß Akkordeon"

                     "Peter Weiß Tübingen"