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Peter J. Marko (born 25 August 1957), MSc​ EE​, PMP​, was born, raised and educated in Hungary​. The engineering skills that would be fully developed later in life started to show at age 9, when he drafted the blueprint for a mechanical head responding to the diurnal rhythm. Blessed with a strong logical mind, Marko became the national senior high school mathematics champion in grade 11. After graduating with a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, he emigrated from his home country and settled in Canada. As a young professional, he created new computer and telephony circuits based on original design ideas. Marko has been an avid user of spreadsheets​ since the early 1980s, and was one of the initial adopters of the first Apple Macintosh computer in the country. Later he became a technical and project manager, and worked for private North American and European companies in the information technology and telecommunication sectors. In recent years, he has worked as a project manager for the Canadian federal government.

Marko's extracurricular interests started with chess in elementary school, and this led to gaining a seat on the adult chess team competing in the national league at age 15. He went on to winning the national junior correspondence chess championship three years later. Marko became intrigued by astrology in 1994, which he has studied and researched ever since. When his son was attending kindergarten, he developed a keen interest in education, and was later instrumental in founding the 20th Waldorf school​ in Hungary. In his spare time, Marko enjoys spending time with his family and friends: hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, traveling, debating, contemplating, reading, watching movies, listening to music, singing, and playing his acoustic guitar.