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Since February 2017, I am working as a postdoc with Svante Linusson at KTH (Stockholm).

Before that, (2015-2017) I worked as a postdoc at University of Pennsylvania, with Jim Haglund, funded by a grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation. In 2014, I worked as a postdoc at Universität Zurich, Schweiz with Valentin Féray.

My field of research is representation theory and combinatorics, more specifically, polynomials given by structure constants (Kostka-coefficients, characters of the symmetric group) and Jack generalizations of these, as well as chromatic symmetric functions, LLT polynomials and so on.

In Spring 2013 I defended my thesis titled Combinatorial Methods in Complex Analysis, where Boris Shapiro was my primary advisor. My research interests are mainly combinatorics, complex analysis and algebraic geometry. My favorite research tools are Mathematica, OEIS, FinstStat, MathOverflow, WolframAlpha and Google.

I am also a bit interested in special polynomials, for example real-rooted polynomials and polynomials obtained from combinatorial statistics.