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Marco Ripà (BEconSc - magna cum laude) was born in Rome in 1984 and he consider himself an autodidact with a wide range of interests.

He received one honor prize during his high school years, achieving also a second place in a high school Mathematics competition during the same period. Later he wrote some number theory papers (published on Notes on Number Theory and Discrete Mathematics journal, Educational Research, Rudimatematici, Matematicamente, viXra, WIN ONE, IQNexus Magazine, AtlantIQ Magazine). Elected as Genius of the Year 2014 – Europe by members of the World Genius Directory and by the World Intelligence Network Executive Committee, mainly for his fundamental contribution to the creation of the firsts dynamic IQ tests (ENNDT and ENSDT), he has currently published three technical books and one novel.

He is member of about thirty high IQ societies (sinApsa, Ultranet, Epimetheus, ISI-S, Epida, Glia, ePiq, and so on), the president of the sPIqr Society (15th member of the WIN), and the author of a few timed/untimed IQ tests for the high range (ENSDT Prototype, ENNDT, X-Test, ENSDT 20).

He speaks Italian, English, French and a little Spanish, while also being able to understand some Portuguese. His interests and hobbies include philosophy, Italian poetry (especially Dante Alighieri's verses), literature, chess, powerlifting, fishing and martial arts. He often relaxes by listening to classical compositions, but he prefers rock music and melodic songs. He has a younger sister plus some very good friends.