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A212329 (LaTeX version): Expansion of .

Sequence data

0, 5, 36, 217, 1272, 7421, 43260, 252145, 1469616, 8565557, 49923732, 290976841, 1695937320, 9884647085, 57611945196, 335787024097, 1957110199392, 11406874172261, 66484134834180, 387497934832825


1, 2


Table of differences re Table A182441.

This is a sequence of differences between rows and of table A182441. That is if A182441 A182441, A182441 A182441 for to . The remainder of the sequence is a continuation using the recursive formula .

It appears that for , is divisible by A213005.

It appears that if is a prime of the form , ; and that if is a prime of the form , .






Kenneth J Ramsey, May 14 2012

Missing %-fields

For links, references, programs, cross-references, extensions or other missing %-fields (if they exist), see A212329.


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