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I am an Algerian mathematician. I was born in Bejaia (Algeria) in 1975. My research interest is the Number Theory in its various settings, and especially the Concrete Number Theory.

My first publication in an international revue was in 2005, and it was about the study of the least common multiple of some sequences of integers. This work has inspired several mathematicians such as the chinese Shaofang HONG.

One of my works, that I consider as the most important one, is on the Kempner series.

I have also worked on the Additive Number Theory, as well as on the mean functions and the generalization of the AGM mean (a work not yet published).

Recently, I returned to work on what I was passionate for a long time during my adolescence, that is the art of approximation (approximation of the real numbers such as π, e and others by rational or algebraic numbers). For more informations, see my homepage: