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Unexpected error while authenticating, Server broke handling request, Proxy error, etc

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"An unexpected error happened while authenticating"

  • If you get the error message "An unexpected error happened while authenticating" please read the following.
  • That failure message usually means that you've requested a password reset, but haven't changed the password from that temporary password to a permanent one.
  • To fix this, please try the following steps:
  1. Go to the wiki login page:
  2. Enter your username, and click on "E-mail new password"
  3. Wait for an email from containing a new temporary password.
  4. Go to the wiki login page:
  5. Enter your username, the temporary password from the email, and click "Log In".
  6. You will be required to choose and enter a new permanent password. Please do so.
  7. Go to the main oeis login page:
  8. Enter your user name, and your new permanent password, and click "Log in to the OEIS".
  9. Verify that, in the upper right corner of the page, it says your user name.
  10. If so, you've logged in and can submit new sequences and edit old ones.
  • You can also contact the OEIS System Administrator at
  • Warning: the URL for this page has a period at the end. When you try to point someone to this page, tell them that some mail programs (gmail, for example) will omit the period from the URL, no matter how hard you try to include it. Tell them to enter the final period by hand!

"The server broke trying to handle your request. The error has been reported. Sorry."

  • The error message "The server broke trying to handle your request. The error has been reported. Sorry." is a system error, and we apologize for it.
  • It is especially annoying if you get it after making edits to a sequence, because the edits will be lost and you will have to retype them. This is REALLY annoying if it happens twice in a row, as it often does.
  • One possible cause is that the disc on the server is full. Usually the cure is for one of the bureaucrats to delete some of the older backup files. (We are on the alert for this problem, and at present, Feb 22 2016, the disk is only 66% full.)
  • But recently (in the months prior to February 2016) we have been seeing this error message simply when the system is congested. Usually it goes away in five or ten minutes. Think of it as blocked drain which will clear itself in a few minutes. We hope to fix this problem in the next few months.

"Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server ..."

  • The error message "Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server..." is another system error, and the cause is not well understood. Again we are working on fixing it.
  • One thing that seems to trigger it is requesting a bunch of A-numbers from the server.
    • If you ask for a bunch of A-numbers, there is a long long wait, and then you get the proxy error instead of getting the A-numbers, don't despair.
    • And don't make another request for A-numbers!
    • Because the chances are that you did get the A-numbers you requested. Wait ten minutes and look at the "A-numbers allocated to me" link and they'll probably be there.