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New Users

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A few notes for New Users

  • A few pages to check are Main Page, OeisWiki:Community Portal, and OeisWiki:System Status. These pages are used to broadcast information about the Wiki, so you might consider placing them on your watchlist by clicking on the watch tab at the top of the page.
  • This is a scientific database. As such, you are expected to stand behind your contributions. Anonymous and pseudonymous contributions are not acceptable. For this reason, it is strongly preferred to have your username be your real name. If for some reason your username is not your real name, you must have your real name at the top of your userpage, as ==John Doe== (replacing John Doe with your real name, of course).
  • There have been several revisions of the username/real name relationship. If as a consequence you need to have your username changed, please email User:David Applegate using the wiki email relay (see the link on the left bar, "Email this user").
  • The OeisWiki:Terms of Service are still under construction. See OeisWiki:Terms of Service for more details.
  • At this time, most of the Oeis Wiki is auto-populated from the classic OEIS. Those pages are protected from editing in the Wiki. If you wish to contribute or modify a sequence entry, do so via the classic OEIS submit page.
  • The auto-population of the non-sequence pages does a very bad job of converting html into wiki syntax. This will be improved, so please be patient. However, if you want to edit some of these pages instead of waiting for improvements in the conversion, let me know and I can unprotect them.