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(or, at least, questions that might become frequent)

Migration from classic to wiki

  • Will superseeker still work as is?
    • yes, eventually. Once the OEIS Foundation has received sufficient donations, we'll purchase licenses for Maple and Mathematica, and move superseeker to
  • Are systematic changes possible through the wiki (e.g. search and replace correction of x entries at a time)? (I ask this because many sets of sequences are identical in layout, or rather -should- be)
    • not directly. But it is possible to use "bots" (programs interacting with the wiki) to perform systematic edits. So far I've only done this directly on (access users won't have), and I haven't looked into what it takes to do it remotely. The wiki is using MediaWiki with a bunch of extensions (see Special:Version for details), so that's a starting point for looking deeper.
  • Will one still be able to get a text list of all the number sequences (so that one can do automated mathematical tests)?
    • Should be. That is a reasonable item to add to a Wish List.
  • Russ Cox's search mechanism on the old (I mean 'the current') system was (I mean 'is') great. But Mediawiki's is a bit impoverished. Will Russ's translate over?
    • Not exactly, and not readily. However, many of the key mechanisms do map over to the Lucene search engine we're using. In particular, understanding that A5132 and A005132 are the same thing, the interpretation of the sequence, and many of the keywords, all should work. If there are other features of Russ's search mechanism you use, let us know.
  • Is there a better way to create an index page? The current way is to find and notice links by hand and that's it. There's no systematic creation of an index to everything, say, that mentions 0-1 matrices. Mediawiki's 'what links here' link partially takes care of that.
    • If you are referring to the construction of the OEIS Index pages, then yes, at least partially. The wiki Category mechanism lets pages be tagged with categories, and automatically populates the category page with a list of the pages in that category. See, for example, Category:Recamán's sequence
  • Relatedly, is there a way to view the connections among a set of entries (this is sorely lacking from wikipedia)
    • Since we're using the same software engine as wikipedia, not directly. However, we are not against additional customization, or running additional interesting applications on the server, if somebody creates something interesting.