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A335888 Maximal sum of subgroup indices for a finite group of order n. 1

%I #6 Jun 28 2020 18:54:46

%S 1,3,4,11,6,18,8,51,22,38,12,74,14,66,24,307,18,162,20,166,74,146,24,

%T 378,56,198,184,298,30,308,32,2451,48,326,48,722,38,402,212,886,42,

%U 564,44,682,132,578,48,2458,106,888,72,934,54,2268,182,1626,422,902,60,1444

%N Maximal sum of subgroup indices for a finite group of order n.

%D The GAP Group, GAP - Groups, Algorithms, and Programming, Version 4.9.3, 2018. gap-system.org.

%o (GAP)

%o L:=[];;

%o for n in [1..100] do

%o Mn:=0;

%o r:=NrSmallGroups(n);

%o for d in [1..r] do

%o g:=SmallGroup(n,d);

%o lat:=AllSubgroups(g);

%o sg:=Sum(List(lat, h->Order(g)/Order(h)));

%o if sg>Mn then

%o Mn:=sg;

%o fi;

%o od;

%o Add(L,Mn);

%o od;

%o Print(L);

%Y Cf. A000005, A000203, A018216, A335887.

%K nonn

%O 1,2

%A _S├ębastien Palcoux_, Jun 28 2020

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