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A328704 Primes dividing nonzero terms in A002065. 1

%I #8 Oct 27 2019 14:33:43

%S 3,13,61,151,211,223,739,1009,1531,4363,4513,5503,6277,6397,7753,7873,

%T 9463,11353,11587,11677,12007,12241,13669,15061,15391,17509,17791,

%U 21157,25243,25747,26959,28351,28411,29641,30553,30727,31873,33289,33469,33997,36343,36721,37117,37201

%N Primes dividing nonzero terms in A002065.

%C Primes in A328703.

%C Sequence is infinite: it contains all prime factors of the numbers A002065(p), where p is any prime. Note that gcd(A002065(p), A002065(q)) = 1 for primes p != q. So the set of prime factors of {A002065(p) : p prime} is infinite.

%o (PARI) v(n) = my(v=[0],k,flag=1); for(i=2, n+1, k=(v[#v]^2+v[#v]+1)%n; v=concat(v, k); for(j=1, i-1, if(v[j]==k, flag=0)); if(flag==0, break())); v

%o a(n) = isprime(n) && !(v(n)[#v(n)])

%Y Cf. A002065, A328703.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Jianing Song_, Oct 26 2019

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