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(Greetings from The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences!)
A247946 Primes in the tetranacci sequence A000288. 0


%S 7,13,181,349,673,1297,34513,90799453,175021573,4657290577,

%T 17304140641,1131469145856472270556751793,

%U 1544310310927991136025089626209,1442398599584422734286432395814518441223501,18598135820391234761502881488353916158281807617671450769

%N Primes in the tetranacci sequence A000288.

%C a(16) is too large to display here. It has 63 digits and is the 221st term in A000288.

%t a={1,1,1,1}; For[n=4, n<=1000, n++, sum=Plus@@a; If[PrimeQ[sum], Print[sum]]; a=RotateLeft[a]; a[[4]]=sum]

%t Select[LinearRecurrence[{1,1,1,1},{1,1,1,1},300],PrimeQ] (* _Harvey P. Dale_, Jan 15 2015 *)

%Y Cf. A001590, A001631, A100683, A231574, A231575, A232543, A214899, A020992, A233554, A214727, A234696, A141523, A235862, A214825, A235873, A001630, A241660, A247027, A000288, A247561.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Robert Price_, Sep 27 2014

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