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A235459 Number of facets of the correlation polytope of degree n. 2
2, 4, 16, 56, 368, 116764, 217093472 (list; graph; refs; listen; history; text; internal format)
The correlation polytope of degree n is the set of symmetric n X n matrices, P such that P[i,j] = Prob(X[i] = 1 and X[j] = 1) where (X[1],...,X[n]) is a sequence of 0/1 valued random variables (not necessarily independent). It is the convex hull of all n X n symmetric 0/1 matrices of rank 1.
The correlation polytope COR(n) is affinely equivalent to CUT(n+1), where CUT(n) is the cut polytope of complete graph on n vertices -- the convex hull of indicator vectors of a cut delta(S) -- where S is a subset of the vertices. The cut delta(S) is the set of edges with one end point in S and one endpoint not in S.
According to the SMAPO database it is conjectured that a(8) = 12246651158320. This database also says that the above value of a(7) is conjectural, but Ziegler lists it as known.
M. M. Deza and M. Laurent, Geometry of Cuts and Metrics, Springer, 1997, pp. 52-54.
G. Kalai and G. Ziegler, ed. "Polytopes: Combinatorics and Computation", Springer, 2000, Chapter 1, pp 1-41.
Michel Deza and Mathieu Dutour Sikirić, Enumeration of the facets of cut polytopes over some highly symmetric graphs, Intl. Trans. in Op. Res., 23 (2016), 853-860; arXiv:1501.05407 [math.CO], 2015. [Confirms the value of a(7).]
G. Ziegler, Lectures on 0/1 Polytopes, arXiv:math/9909177 [math.CO], 1999, p 22-28.
a(2) corresponds to 0 <= p[1,2] <= p[1,1],p[2,2] and p[1,1] + p[2,2] - p[1,2] <= 1.
def Correlation(n):
if n == 0:
yield (tuple([]), tuple([]))
for x, y in Correlation(n-1):
yield (x + (0, ), y + (n-1)*(0, ))
yield (x + (1, ), y + x)
def CorrelationPolytope(n):
return Polyhedron(vertices=[x + y for x, y in Correlation(n)])
def a(n):
return len(CorrelationPolytope(n).Hrepresentation())
Sequence in context: A009624 A009161 A009290 * A081919 A362524 A232664
Victor S. Miller, Jan 10 2014

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