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A228817 Decimal expansion of Planck force: F_P = c^4/G, in SI units. 6


%S 1,2,1,0,2

%N Decimal expansion of Planck force: F_P = c^4/G, in SI units.

%C According to the law of universal gravitation, the attractive force (F) between two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses (m_1 and m_2), and inversely proportional to the square of the distance, r, between them. Newton's formula is F = G*m_1*m_2/r^2, where G is the constant of gravitation. Using both the Planck force (F_P) and Einstein's formula E = m*c^2, the law of universal gravitation could be written as F = (G/c^4)*m_1*c^2*m_2*c^2/r^2 = E_1*E_2/(F_P*r^2), where E_1 and E_2 are the energies of the bodies.

%F Equals A183001/A070058.

%e F_P = c^4/G = 8077608713062490229263800746151696 (m^4/s^4)/(6.67384...*10^-11 (m^3)/(kg*s^2)) ~ 1.2103...*10^44 (kg*m/s^2), where c is the speed of light in vacuum and G is the Newtonian constant of gravitation.

%Y Cf. A003678, A070058, A183001, A228818.

%K nonn,cons

%O 45,2

%A _Omar E. Pol_, Sep 26 2013

%E a(49) corrected by _Ivan Panchenko_, May 21 2019

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