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A226497 The number of primes of the form i^2+j^4 (A028916) <= 10^n. 3


%S 2,6,28,121,583,2724,13175,64551,322110,1621929,8254127

%N The number of primes of the form i^2+j^4 (A028916) <= 10^n.

%C Even if a prime has more than one representation in the form i^2+j^4, it is only counted once.

%C Iwaniec and Friedlander have proved there is infinity of the primes of the form i^2+j^4.

%t mx = 2^40; lst = {}; Do[a = i^2 + j^4; If[ PrimeQ[a], AppendTo[lst, a]], {i, Sqrt[mx]}, {j, Sqrt[Sqrt[mx - i^2]]}]; Table[ Length@ Select[ Union@ lst, # < 10^n &], {n, 12}]

%Y Cf. A028916, A226495, A226496 & A226498.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A Marek Wolf) and _Robert G. Wilson v_, Jun 09 2013

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