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A225022 Number of (n+1)X4 0..2 matrices with each 2X2 permanent equal 1

%I #4 Apr 24 2013 08:54:20

%S 759,12641,117959,1930229,23865033,356942157,4807268289,69047521033,

%T 955759546369,13524243825173,188930469462525,2659392660837205,

%U 37267832167287375,523625716790262929,7345839047616799405

%N Number of (n+1)X4 0..2 matrices with each 2X2 permanent equal

%C Column 3 of A225027

%H R. H. Hardin, <a href="/A225022/b225022.txt">Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..210</a>

%F Empirical: a(n) = 23*a(n-1) -20*a(n-2) -2701*a(n-3) +14290*a(n-4) +96871*a(n-5) -821769*a(n-6) -1334756*a(n-7) +22205174*a(n-8) -2051485*a(n-9) -358415097*a(n-10) +335076413*a(n-11) +3816085706*a(n-12) -5474841848*a(n-13) -28179606956*a(n-14) +49887962008*a(n-15) +147948120520*a(n-16) -299147271265*a(n-17) -556239083509*a(n-18) +1245031259726*a(n-19) +1483266239823*a(n-20) -3658543581308*a(n-21) -2715597972088*a(n-22) +7566683853367*a(n-23) +3153572640112*a(n-24) -10789182805002*a(n-25) -1812615431409*a(n-26) +10165463452563*a(n-27) -275438311116*a(n-28) -5857653280734*a(n-29) +1036380387492*a(n-30) +1787112576576*a(n-31) -499228796880*a(n-32) -216471126240*a(n-33) +72471573504*a(n-34) +3769058304*a(n-35) -1625868288*a(n-36)

%e Some solutions for n=2

%e ..2..0..0..2....0..0..1..1....1..2..0..0....2..2..0..1....0..0..0..1

%e ..0..0..0..0....1..0..0..0....0..0..0..0....0..0..0..2....2..0..0..2

%e ..1..0..1..1....2..0..2..1....1..1..1..2....2..2..0..1....1..0..0..2

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _R. H. Hardin_ Apr 24 2013

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