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A202303 Drop the last digit of A023110(n). 6


%S 0,0,0,1,4,16,25,36,144,324,1849,6400,23716,36481,51984,207936,467856,

%T 2666689,9229444,34199104,52606009,74960964,299843856,674648676,

%U 3845364121,13308852496,49315084900,75857828929,108093658176,432374632704,972842923584,5545012396225,19191356070436,71112318227344,109386936710041,155870980128900,623483920515600,1402838821160100

%N Drop the last digit of A023110(n).

%C By definition, all the terms are squares.

%D R. K. Guy, Neg and Reg, preprint, Jan 2012.

%F Conjecture: a(n) = 1443*a(n-7)-1443*a(n-14)+a(n-21). - _Colin Barker_, Sep 20 2014

%F Empirical g.f.: -x^4*(x +1)*(x^16 +3*x^15 +13*x^14 +12*x^13 +312*x^12 -168*x^11 +204*x^10 +202*x^9 +426*x^8 +202*x^7 +204*x^6 +120*x^5 +24*x^4 +12*x^3 +13*x^2 +3*x +1) / ((x -1)*(x^6 +x^5 +x^4 +x^3 +x^2 +x +1)*(x^14 -1442*x^7 +1)). - _Colin Barker_, Sep 20 2014

%Y Cf. A023110. The square roots are in A031150.

%K nonn,base

%O 1,5

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_, Jan 12 2012

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