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A199168 Numbers whose digits are a permutation of (0,...,m) for some m. 1


%S 0,10,102,120,201,210,1023,1032,1203,1230,1302,1320,2013,2031,2103,

%T 2130,2301,2310,3012,3021,3102,3120,3201,3210,10234,10243,10324,10342,

%U 10423,10432,12034,12043,12304,12340,12403,12430,13024,13042,13204,13240,13402,13420

%N Numbers whose digits are a permutation of (0,...,m) for some m.

%C 2013 is the fourth odd term in this sequence: Up to and including the 5 digit terms, odd terms must end in 1 or 3.

%C Due to the fact that 0 is not allowed as initial digit, this sequence is quite different from A030299, the analog with digits (1,...,m) instead of (0,...,m).

%o (PARI) n_digit_terms(n)={my(a=[],p=vector(n,i,10^(n-i))~);for(i=(n-1)!,n!-(n>1),a=concat(a,numtoperm(n,i)%n*p));vecsort(a)} \\ - _M. F. Hasler_, Jan 08 2013

%Y Cf. A187796 (subset of primes), A203569 (also a subset), A030299 (permutations of 1..m) and references therein.

%Y Pandigital numbers A050278 are also a subset.

%K nonn,base,easy

%O 1,2

%A _M. F. Hasler_, Jan 08 2013

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