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A185001 Numbers n with the property that their basins (as defined in A204539) are 2. 1


%S 5,8,10,16,22,26,106,110,182,234,282,288,318,434,766,1056,1072,1462,

%T 1550,1930,3024,4330,5424,9398,10634,53094,90602,151632,384002,511638,

%U 530102,1364850,1887006,2193072,3138096,6470672,6959070

%N Numbers n with the property that their basins (as defined in A204539) are 2.

%C This sequence follows on from A204540, which listed seven values of n for which basin(n) = 1. There are 37 known values of n for which basin(n) = 2. A search of numbers up to 10,000,000 has not uncovered any further integers satisfying this requirement. The possibility that there are even larger numbers with basins equal to 2 cannot be completely ruled out, but the chances of one being discovered are remote, in view of the fact that the average basin size for large values of n is approximately n/3, that is, over 2000000 in the region where the last known such integer was discovered.

%C For unknown reasons, all integers > 5 with basins equal to 1 or 2 are even.

%Y Cf. A204539, A204540.

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Colm Fagan_, Jan 23 2012

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