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A174487 Column 1 of triangle A174485. 4

%I #2 Mar 30 2012 18:37:21

%S 1,2,16,308,11048,639972,54671188,6471586298,1014487323984,

%T 203492881479464,50842872702666524,15484223252089602342,

%U 5646860009850046968472,2429577079632942917710580

%N Column 1 of triangle A174485.

%C Triangular matrix described by A174485 transforms diagonals of the array A174480 of coefficients of successive iterations of x*exp(x).

%o (PARI) {a(n,k=1)=local(F=x, xEx=x*exp(x+x*O(x^(n+k+1))), M, N, P, m=n+k); M=matrix(m+2, m+2, r, c, F=x; for(i=1, r+c-2, F=subst(F, x, xEx)); polcoeff(F, c)); N=matrix(m+1, m+1, r, c, M[r, c]); P=matrix(m+1, m+1, r, c, M[r+1, c]); n!*(P~*N~^-1)[n+k+1, k+1]}

%Y Cf. A174480, A174485, A174486, A174488, A174489.

%K nonn

%O 0,2

%A _Paul D. Hanna_, Apr 18 2010

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