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A156924 Fifth right hand column (n-m=4) of the A156920 triangle 9


%S 1,83,2685,56285,919615,12813843,160206627,1854550395,20291056470,

%T 212826091180,2161547322134,21414479565774,208076662576370,

%U 1991164206775450,18825064380813450

%N Fifth right hand column (n-m=4) of the A156920 triangle

%F a(n)=55*a(n-1)-1365*a(n-2)+20251*a(n-3)-200557*a(n-4)+1402203*a(n-5)-7137473*a(n-6)+26886431*a(n-7)-75433971*a(n-8)+157376597*a(n-9)-241846607*a(n-10)+268663713*a(n-11)-208880991*a(n-12)+107416665*a(n-13)-32730075*a(n-14)+4465125*a(n-15)

%F a(n)= (16*n^4-7776*n^3*3^n+256*n^3-104976*n^2*3^n+225000*n^2*5^n+ 1496*n^2- 464616*n*3^n+ 2250000*n*5^n-2016840*n*7^n+3776*n-673596*3^n+5568750*5^n-11092620*7^n+6200145*9^n+3465)/6144

%F G.f.: GF1(z;RHCnr=5) = (1+28*z-515*z^2+1654*z^3+8689*z^4-65864*z^5+142371*z^6-82242*z^7-99090*z^8+113400*z^9)/((1-9*z)*(1-7*z)^2*(1-5*z)^3*(1-3*z)^4*(1-z)^5)

%Y Other columns A000340, A156922, A156923.

%Y Equals A156920 fifth right hand column.

%Y Equals A156919 fifth right hand column divided by 16.

%Y Equals A142963 fifth right hand column divided by 2^n

%K easy,nonn

%O 0,2

%A _Johannes W. Meijer_, Feb 20 2009

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