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A109571 Prague bus clock sequence #2. 1


%S 1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,9,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,9,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,

%T 129,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,249,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,9,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,

%U 28,1,9,1,1,8,1,8,1,1,28,1,129,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,249,1,1,8,1,1,8,1,1,28,1,9

%N Prague bus clock sequence #2.

%C Start a digital clock at midnight; you read 00:00 (hours and minutes). Wait for 1 minute and read 00:01; if you look at 00:01 in a mirror, you'll see 10:00, which is a sound time on such a clock; wait for another minute and read 00:02; this gives the "mirror time" 20:00, which is sound; you must wait now for 8 minutes before seeing another sound "mirror time": 00:10 gives 01:00; etc. Successive waiting times form the sequence. The "mirror digit transform" is: 0->0, 1->1, 2->5, 5->2 and 8->8. "8" can't be used here and "5" must be carefully placed.

%e Successive number of minutes one has to wait, starting at midnight, to read a sound "mirror" time on a digital clock.

%Y Cf. A028354, A109527.

%K base,easy,fini,nonn

%O 1,3

%A _Eric Angelini_ and others, Aug 30 2005

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