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A090246 The largest subset of P(Z/3Z)^n that does not contain 3 collinear points. 2


%S 2,4,10,20,56

%N The largest subset of P(Z/3Z)^n that does not contain 3 collinear points.

%C P(Z/3Z)^n is the projective space of n dimensions over the finite field Z/3Z. This is the size of the largest subset which does not contain 3 points lying in a line.

%C Davis and Maclagan described a game similar to the game SET that could be played in this space using projective lines, rather than in (Z/3Z)^n using the algebraic notion of line. This sequence is the analog of A090245 for this game.

%C So far this sequence agrees with A104442.

%H B. Davis and D. Maclagan, <a href="http://math.stanford.edu/~maclagan/papers/set.pdf">The Card Game SET</a>, The Mathematical Intelligencer, Vol. 25:3 (Summer 2003), pp. 33-40.

%H B. L. Davis and D. Maclagan, <a href="http://galileo.stmarys-ca.edu/bdavis/set.pdf">The Card Game SET</a> [From _Omar E. Pol_, Feb 21 2009]

%H Ivars Peterson, <a href="http://www.sciencenews.org/20030823/mathtrek.asp">SET Math</a>.

%H Ivars Peterson, <a href="http://www.maa.org/mathland/mathtrek_08_25_03.html"> SET Math</a> [From _Omar E. Pol_, Feb 21 2009]

%Y Cf. A090245.

%K nonn,more

%O 1,1

%A _Hans Havermann_, Jan 23 2004

%E Edited by _Jack W Grahl_, May 12 2009

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