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A081098 Atomic numbers of the chemical elements sorted with respect to melting point. 8


%S 2,1,10,9,8,7,18,36,54,17,86,80,35,87,55,31,37,15,19,11,53,16,49,34,3,

%T 50,84,83,85,81,48,82,30,52,51,94,93,12,13,88,56,38,58,33,70,63,101,

%U 102,20,100,99,98,57,59,32,47,97,60,61,89,79,62,29,92,95,25,4,64,96,65,66,14,28,67,27,39,68,26,21,69,46,91,103,71,22,78,90,40,24,23,45,5,104,43,72,44,77,41,42,73,76,75,74,6

%N Atomic numbers of the chemical elements sorted with respect to melting point.

%C From _Jianing Song_, Sep 30 2018: (Start)

%C Helium (2) cannot solidify at standard atmospheric pressure, its melting point (0.95 K) is measured at 2.5 MPa. Carbon (6) and arsenic (33) cannot liquify at standard atmospheric pressure, their melting points (4600 K and 1090 K) are measured at 10.8 MPa and 2.8 MPa, respectively.

%C The melting points of astatine (85), francium (87), fermium (100) to rutherfordium (104) are only estimated due to the short half-life of these elements. (End)

%H Wikipedia, <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chemical_elements">List of chemical elements</a>.

%e The elements with the lowest melting point are helium (2), hydrogen (1), neon (10), etc.

%Y Chemical elements sorted by: A081098 (melting point), A081099 (boiling point), A081100 (atomic radius), A081101 (covalent radius), A248026 (electronegativity), A248061 (density), A249874 (discovery).

%K nonn

%O 1,1

%A _Ralf Stephan_, Mar 05 2003

%E Edited by _Jianing Song_, Sep 30 2018

%E Further edited by _N. J. A. Sloane_, Oct 06 2018

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