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A076509 Expansion of 3*x*(1-x)*(1+2*x+6*x^2)/(1-24*x^3). 1


%S 3,3,12,54,72,288,1296,1728,6912,31104,41472,165888,746496,995328,

%T 3981312,17915904,23887872,95551488,429981696,573308928,2293235712,

%U 10319560704,13759414272,55037657088,247669456896,330225942528

%N Expansion of 3*x*(1-x)*(1+2*x+6*x^2)/(1-24*x^3).

%C Previous name was: 3 people at a party are saying Hello to each other. Person 3 says Hello Hello Hello. Person 1 counts the times Hello has been said and says Hello that number of times. Person 2 says Hello a number of times equal to 2 * the sum of Hello's; then it is Person 3's turn again. Sequence gives the number of Hello's said.

%H <a href="/index/Rec#order_03">Index entries for linear recurrences with constant coefficients</a>, signature (0,0,24).

%F G.f.: 3*x*(1-x)*(1+2*x+6*x^2)/(1-24*x^3). [_Colin Barker_, Jun 07 2012]

%Y Cf. A076510.

%K nonn,easy

%O 1,1

%A _Jon Perry_, Oct 15 2002

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