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A000170 Number of ways of placing n nonattacking queens on an n X n board.
(Formerly M1958 N0775)

%I M1958 N0775

%S 1,0,0,2,10,4,40,92,352,724,2680,14200,73712,365596,2279184,14772512,

%T 95815104,666090624,4968057848,39029188884,314666222712,2691008701644,

%U 24233937684440,227514171973736,2207893435808352,22317699616364044,234907967154122528

%N Number of ways of placing n nonattacking queens on an n X n board.

%C For n > 3, a(n) is the number of maximum independent vertex sets in the n X n queen graph. - _Eric W. Weisstein_, Jun 20 2017

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%F Strong conjecture: there is a constant c around 2.54 such that a(n) is asymptotic to n!/c^n; weak conjecture: lim n -> infinity (1/n) * log(n!/a(n)) = constant = 0.90.... - _Benoit Cloitre_, Nov 10 2002

%e a(2) = a(3) = 0, since on 2 X 2 and 3 X 3 chessboards there are no solutions.

%e For n=4 the a(4)=2 solutions are:

%e oxoo ooxo

%e ooox xooo

%e xooo ooox

%e ooxo oxoo

%Y See A140393 for another version. Cf. A002562, A065256.

%Y Cf. A036464 (2Q), A047659 (3Q), A061994 (4Q), A108792 (5Q), A176186 (6Q).

%Y Cf. A099152, A006717, A051906.

%K nonn,hard,nice

%O 1,4

%A _N. J. A. Sloane_

%E Terms for n=21-23 computed by Sylvain PION (Sylvain.Pion(AT)sophia.inria.fr) and Joel-Yann FOURRE (Joel-Yann.Fourre(AT)ens.fr).

%E a(24) from Kenji KISE (kis(AT)is.uec.ac.jp), Sep 01 2004

%E a(25) from Objectweb ProActive INRIA Team (proactive(AT)objectweb.org), Jun 11 2005 [Communicated by Alexandre Di Costanzo (Alexandre.Di_Costanzo(AT)sophia.inria.fr)]. This calculation took about 53 years of CPU time.

%E a(25) has been confirmed by the NTU 25Queen Project at National Taiwan University and Ming Chuan University, led by Yuh-Pyng (Arping) Shieh, Jul 26 2005. This computation took 26613 days CPU time.

%E The NQueens-at-Home web site gives a different value for a(24), 226732487925864. Thanks to Goran Fagerstrom for pointing this out. I do not know which value is correct. I have therefore created a new entry, A140393, which gives the NQueens-at-home version of the sequence. - _N. J. A. Sloane_, Jun 18 2008

%E It now appears that this sequence (A000170) is correct and A140393 is wrong. - _N. J. A. Sloane_, Nov 08 2008

%E Added a(26) as calculated by Queens(AT)TUD [http://queens.inf.tu-dresden.de/]. - _Thomas B. Preußer_, Jul 11 2009

%E Added a(27) as calculated by the Q27 Project [https://github.com/preusser/q27]. - _Thomas B. Preußer_, Sep 23 2016

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