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Why am I limited to 3 submissions

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  • If you are restricted to three submissions at a time, this is because your submissions usually require editing, and we are very short of editors.
  • Remember that all the editing is done by volunteers. We have no paid staff, and we are swamped with submissions.
  • Reasons your submissions needed editing include:
    • Unclear definition (imprecise thinking)
    • Poor English
    • Sequence was not of general interest
    • Errors in sequence
    • Badly formatted submission
    • Links or references not in correct order
    • Sequence was already in OEIS
  • It is strongly recommended that you look at the changes that the editors make, and learn from what they do. It is a very bad idea to repeatedly make the same errors.
  • People who submit perfectly formatted submissions do not have a limit of 3.
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