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Vigesimal numeral system

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The vigesimal numeral system[1] is a place-value notation using the powers of 20 (see A009964) rather than the powers of 10. The Aztecs and Mayans used such a system.

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Standard positional numeral systems
Base Latin (-ary)
Latin (-al)
Greek (-al) Greek (-adic) Usage
1 Unary, Primary Primal   Monadic, Henadic  
2 Binary, Secondary Dual   Dyadic  
3 Ternary, Tertiary Tertial   Triadic  
4 Quaternary Quartal   Tetradic  
5 Quinary Quintal Pental Pentadic  
6 Senary Sextal Hexal Hexadic  
7 Septenary Septimal Heptal Heptadic  
8 Octonary Octonal Octal Octadic  
9 Nonary, Novary Nonal, Noval   Enneadic  
10 Denary Decimal Decimal Decadic  
11 Undenary, Unodenary Undecimal, Unodecimal Henadecimal Hendecadic  
12 Duodenary, Dozenary Duodecimal, Dozenal Dyadecimal Dyadecadic  
13 Tredenary, Triodenary Tredecimal, Triodecimal Tridecimal Triadecadic  
14 Quadrodenary, Quattuordenary Quadrodecimal, Quattuordecimal Tetradecimal Tetradecadic  
15 Quindenary Quindecimal Pentadecimal Pentadecadic  
16 Sedenary, Sexadenary Sedecimal, Sexadecimal Hexadecimal Hexadecadic  
17 Septendenary Septendecimal Heptadecimal Heptadecadic  
18 Octodenary Octodecimal Octadecimal Octadecadic  
19 Nonadenary Nonadecimal, Novodecimal Enneadecimal Enneadecadic  
20 Vigenary Vigesimal   Icosadic  
24   Quadrivigesimal   Tetraicosadic  
26   Sexavigesimal   Hexaicosadic  
27   Septemvigesimal   Heptaicosadic  
30 Tricenary Trigesimal   Triacontadic  
32   Duotrigesimal   Dyatriacontadic  
36   Sexatrigesimal   Hexatriacontadic  
40 Quadragenary Quadragesimal Tetragesimal Tetracontadic  
50 Quincagenary Quincagesimal Pentagesimal Pentacontadic  
60 Sexagenary Sexagesimal Hexagesimal Hexacontadic  
64 Quadrisexagenary Quadrisexagesimal Tetrahexagesimal Tetrahexacontadic Base64 encoding
70 Septuagenary Septuagesimal Heptagesimal Heptacontadic  
80 Octogenary Octogesimal Octagesimal Octacontadic  
90 Nonagenary Nonagesimal Enneagesimal Enneacontadic  
100 Centenary Centesimal, Centimal Centimal Hecatontadic  
200 Ducenary, Bicentenary Dugentesimal, Bicentimal Dyacentesimal, Dyacentimal Dyahecatontadic  
300 Trecenary, Tercentenary Tregentesimal, Tercentimal Tricentesimal, Tricentimal Triahecatontadic  
400 Quadringenary, Quadricentenary Quadringentesimal, Quattrocentimal Tetracentesimal, Tetracentimal Tetrahecatontadic  
500 Quingenary, Quinquocentenary Quingentesimal, Quincentimal Pentacentesimal, Pentacentimal Pentahecatontadic  
600 Sexingenary, Sexcentenary Sexingesimal, Sescentimal Hexacentesimal, Hexacentimal Hexahecatontadic  
700 Septingenary, Septcentenary Septingentesimal, Septuacentimal Heptacentesimal, Heptacentimal Heptahecatontadic  
800 Octingenary, Octocentenary Octingentesimal, Octocentimal Octacentesimal, Octacentimal Octahecatontadic  
900 Nongenary, Nonacentenary Noningentesimal, Novacentimal Enneacentesimal, Enneacentimal Enneahecatontadic  
1000 Millenary Millesimal   Chiliadic  
10000       Myriadic  


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