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Three issues

To whom it may concern,

I can log in to the wiki, but when I try to log in to OEIS, it tells me "An unexpected error happened while authenticating. Sorry." I have cookies enabled.

I have two other issues:

1) I realized that A178673, added by me in the past, is a repeat of A028452. I'm not sure if the generating function I provided was new, but at least it was not listed in A028452, so maybe it can be added before A178673 is removed.

2) The Superseeker suggested [4096 - 2048 a(n) + 384 a(n)^2 - 32 a(n)^3 + a(n)^4 , lgdegf] for a sequence starting with [2,16,128,1156,10952,107584,1083392,11115556,115702472]. That polynomial happens to equal (a(n)-8)^4. Does this mean it suggests that the generating function f(x) = f'(x)/8, so f(x) = c * e^(8x) and hence the exponential generating function's coefficients equal powers of 8? I know the response warned it might only be an approximation, but maybe I misunderstood something.

Thanks! Johan de Ruiter

I passed the information on your log-in problem to User:David Applegate. He or User:Russ Cox should be able to help you.
I drafted the changes you suggest on A178673 to A028452. This should be visible once approved by the Editorial Board (though you can see the draft now, if you look them up). You will be able to make this sort of change on your own once you get past the above issue.
For the final issue, I suggest asking the SeqFan mailing list. I do use Superseeker from time to time but I hesitate to answer here; the experts on the list should be better able to guide you.
Charles R Greathouse IV 02:52, 16 July 2012 (UTC)
Johan, for logging in, the most common cause for your problem is that you're still using the temporary password that you received when your account was created. The temporary password doesn't work for logging into the main OEIS; you need to change to a permanent password first. If you've changed your password to a permanent one and are still having problems, take a look at Trouble registering, logging in, changing password for a few other suggestions. Please let me know what happens (success or failure) on my talk page.
David Applegate 16:00, 16 July 2012 (UTC)