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Broken Links

Gregory P. Dresden, <a href="">Three transcendental numbers from the last non-zero digits of n^n, F_n and n!</a>, Mathematics Magazine, pp. 96-105, vol. 81, 2008.

Gregory P. Dresden, <a href="">Two Irrational Numbers from the Last Nonzero Digits of n! and n^n</a>, Mathematics Magazine, Vol. 74, No. 4 (2001), 316-320

<a href="">Some Background on Kanada’s Recent Pi Calculation</a> David H. Bailey 16 May 2003

Tom Womack

  • His Thesis
  • all links are broken
  • Tom Womack, Equal sums of powers, Master’s Thesis, Merton College, Oxford, 1999.

Re: The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

I put an {{edit request}} on Talk:The Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. This page has been set to protected mode. Not by me, since I can't protect pages, neither can I edit them. — Daniel Forgues 17:46, 30 September 2018 (EDT)