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Conjecture on A003159 / A035263

You added a conjecture to the comments of both A003159 and A035263 relating them to the partition numbers. You subsequently added a statement to A003159 that the conjecture is proven, but not to A035263. Could you add it to the latter as well? Peter J. Taylor 11:16, 24 March 2015 (UTC)

64 elements codon array

Hi Gary, Is the finite sequence of 1 for standard natural amino acid and 0 for lack of such against the index of the 64 elements codon array in the OEIS? Thanks, Alex ,,,,

Thx, this seems to be a user preference; I've seen it both ways. Standardizations are "work in progress". Sergey Petoukhov seems to be the most knowledgeable in this area. I'll send you a summary of his work and also invite him to make some contributions to OEIS. I'll send it to your email address if I can find it. ....Gary Adamson