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I am Finnish, was born in Finland in 1940, started my studies at the Technical University of Helsinki in 1961 and got the degrees of M.Sc.(Chem.Eng.), Lic.Tec. and D.Tec.(1971). Since then my whole career has been academic including the seven years’ period as a full-time consultant in a Finnish industrial company during which I worked for one year (1983-84) in a paper research institute in the U.S. In 1986 I was appointed full-time professor of chemical process engineering of the Univerity of Oulu, Finland. In that post I developed the PSSP, the adequate ontology, which I consider as my main scientific contribution.

Now, as professor emeritus since 2003, I focus on various activities which keep me happy and physically and mentally fit. These include tennis, orienteering, skiing, winter swimming, piano, French, Italian, mathematics, cross-words and palindromes, to mention some. Also I try to spread the holistic thinking that PSSP has taught to myself.