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I am currently an undergraduate student at Eastern Washington University finishing up my studies in computer science. I'm hoping to pursue a PhD in computer science once I complete my studies here at Eastern Washington University.

You may be asking yourself why a student of computer science is interested in integer sequences let alone mathematics in general. Well, the simple (and rather vague) answer is just that I've always had an interest in mathematics and patterns defined or explained with mathematics (such as integer sequences). More specifically I am interested in the computational aspect of integer sequences namely the underlying algorithms, formulas, and equations used to compute and define integer sequences. Of particular interest to me are sequences of primes, primality tests, and efficient methods for carrying out arithmetic operations over large integers.

You can check out my blog (which I am just starting on) where I discuss all manner of things including programming, computer science, philosophy, and of course, mathematics.

Check out some research I've done: "Fault-based testing of XACML 3.0 Policies" presented at the 2015 Council on Undergraduate Research REU Symposium in Arlington, VA. Co-authors/researchers: Xiaoli Wu of San Jose State University, Ning Shen and Dr. Dianxiang Xu of Boise State University. (Note: An abstract for this work can be found here: though this abstract and presentation are slightly different than those presented at the 2015 CUR REU Symposium)