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Tony Foster received an M.Ed. in Educational Counseling, a B.A. in Psychology, and minored in Computer Science. He is Executive Director of Amarillo Area Mental Health Consumers and helps people with mental illness recover and find meaning in life again. He also happens to dabble in Math from time to time. His Math interests include Pascal's Triangle, infinite series, and combinatorics. His findings have been published in Mathematics Teacher journal, the Mathematical Gazette, and Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles, an online repository of Math findings and teaching subjects. Sequence contributions include Hankel transformations that reveal Fibonacci bisections and Lucas bisections. Tony also has some novel formulas for the Fibonacci numbers, Pell numbers, Lucas numbers, the sums of powers series, and the Tribonacci numbers. Recently, Tony has developed some number triangles that give the powers and sums of powers of Fibonacci numbers and Lucas numbers.

Sequences authored:
A280470    A317360
A296229    A305695
Sequence formula contributions:
A028270    A048876    A060187
A002817    A033887    A056570
A002939    A000045    A056572
A028387    A000071    A056588
A001006    A000073    A006125
A002457    A008937    A068096
A005043    A006498    A000312
A002426    A001906    A054783
A000108    A048739
A000330    A024166
A000129    A000537
A000032    A000578