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Tom Roby is currently (2012) a tenured associate professor in the <a href=""> Department of Mathematics</a> at the <a href="">University of Connecticut</a> in Storrs (a <a href=""> very safe place to live</a>, though <a href=""> others may be better</a>), where he arrived in Fall 2005. He also directs the <a href="">Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center)</a> as 50% of his appointment.

Tom was a student at<A HREF="">Swarthmore College</A> and <A HREF="">MIT</A>, where he earned a Ph.D. in algebraic <a href="">combinatorics</a> under <A HREF="">Richard Stanley</A>. Before coming to <a href="">UConn</a> he held faculty positions in the math departments of the following academic institutions: