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  • Studied physics at the University of Crete, and later followed a post graduate training in theoretical physics and solid state physics in the Material Science Institute, NCSR Demokritos (NCSRD).
  • Worked as an external associate in various EU funded projects for the Division of Applied Technologies of NCSRD as well as for the Technical Education Institute of Pireaus.
  • I am also involved in a permanent collaboration with the Physical Chemistry Laboratory of the Chemistry Dept in the National Kapodistrian University of Athens under prof. Janis Samios where I have contributed in the development of Molecular Mechanics and Monte Carlo optimization codes for polymeric structures.
  • I have done work with the National University of Athens together with prof. Chris Papageorgiou with whom we have developed a new type of antenna of maximal range and minimal energy consumption.
  • I work as a freelancer for corporations including FOREX agents and lately Olympic Marine Group in time series analysis.
  • I am experienced in using FORTRAN, C, Tcl/Tk and MATLAB in the context of such applications and also have some basic knowledge of MAPLE, REDUCE, PARI-GP and Maxima programming environments.
  • I am currently developing a number of patents on the transfer of digital/symbolic computations in analog substrates including a fractal bitwise addleq/subleq architecture and a set of convolution based diffractive optics implementations of neural nets.
  • My public repositories are available through